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Athlete Ally

#EraseTheHate partners with
changemakers working to end
discrimination and hate in America

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Athletic Equality Index

Athletic Equality Index
Measures LGBT Inclusive Policies and Practices
across the NCAA's Power 5 Conferences

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Principle 6 means
the Olympics are
for everyone

Belle Brockhoff

Supporter of Principle 6

Pro Snowboarder, Australia

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Sports Embraces All Gender Identities

Brendon Ayanbadejo

Pro Ambassador

Super Bowl Champion

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Has No Place in

Grant Hill

Owner, Atlanta Hawks

Retired NBA Player

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While he won’t medal this time around, the visibility of @guskenworthy will help provide a role model for LGBTQ peo…

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Demand World Rugby Adopt Transgender Inclusive Policies

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Tell the NHL Homophobic Slurs Don’t Belong in Sports

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Tell the NCAA Their Hypocritical Decision Won’t Fly

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Stand with LGBT Texans and Oppose Discriminatory Bill SB6

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Stand for the Safety of Transgender Youth

The Obama Administration’s 2016 guidance on a public school’s responsibilities to transgender students made it clear that every student deserves a fair chance to succeed in school and prepare for their future.

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Demand a Supreme Court Nominee that Supports LGBT Equality

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Help us thank the NCAA!

Equality for every fan, athlete, and administrator is good for sports, and it's the right thing to do. Thanks for helping us thank the NCAA! Now take action and share with your friends.

Expand Equality

Sports are for #EveryFan!

A recent study found that 83% of Americans believe an openly gay person would not be very safe at a sporting event. It’s time to change that!

Join #EveryFan if you believe every fan should be treated fairly and equally, in the stadium and under the law.


Sign on to #WomenInFIFA!



When to Watch LGBTQ Athletes in Pyeongchang

Athlete Ally Supports New Hampshire’s HB1319 That Adds Protections for Transgender Citizens

Athlete Ally Featured in NBCUniversal Cable and Entertainment’s National Erase the Hate Campaign

Athlete Ally Supports Proposed Benefits of Florida Bill SB588

Athlete Ally Reacts to Homophobic and Racist Tweets from Tennys Sandgren

Job Opening – Development Associate

2018 Will be Huge! Our New Year’s Resolutions

Athlete Ally Responds to Anti-LGBTQ Slurs Targeted at Damian Lillard

Victory! UN Member States Vote to Adopt Olympic Truce Resolution With Explicit Mention of Principle 6

United Nations Member States Should Include Explicit Reference to Principle 6 in the Olympic Truce Resolution

Athlete Ally Calls on World Rugby to Adopt Transgender Inclusive Participation Policies

AFL Should Reconsider Ban on Hannah Mouncey

Vegas Golden Knights’ Tweets Are Sexist and Have No Place in Sport

Athlete Ally Announces Action Award Honorees

Travon Free to Emcee Fourth Annual Athlete Ally Action Awards

Athlete Ally Announces Participation in the 2nd Global Goals World Cup Finals

Athlete Ally Launches Historic “Athletic Equality Index”

Mack Beggs to be Honored With Athlete Ally Action Award

Athlete Ally Celebrates Coach Katie Sowers

Y’all Means All: Texas “Bathroom Bill” Defeated

Athlete Ally Partners with Mack Beggs to Stand With Transgender Texans During Texas Special Session

Athlete Ally Strongly Condemns Homophobic Slur Used by Floyd Mayweather

Athlete Ally Announces Joint Effort with Seattle Professional Sports Teams to Champion LGBT Equality

Athlete Ally & Equality Texas Submit Policy Proposal Demanding Equal Opportunity for Transgender Athletes

Athlete Ally Reacts to NBA’s Decision to Move All-Star Game to North Carolina

NHL’s Decision to Not Suspend Ryan Getzlaf Sets Dangerous Precedent

Athlete Ally Responds to Anti-Transgender Bill SB2095 in Texas

Stand With Mack Beggs and Transgender Texans

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