Tokyo Games Media Guide

A new resource on covering
LGBTQ Olympians and Paralympians

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Updated Athletic Equality Index

Athletic Equality Index Measures
LGBTQ Inclusive Policies and Practices
across all NCAA D1 institutions

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Champions of Inclusion

Learn about our
free, comprehensive online curriculum
on LGBTQ inclusion in sport

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Meet our
Athlete Ally

More than 350 Professional,
Olympic and Paralympic athletes
championing LGBTQI+ equality

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24,789 Joined The Movement
350+ Pro Ambassadors
32 Campus Chapters

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Demand NYC YMCA Stand With and Support Trans Members

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Join Global Sports Community in Demanding IAAF Rescind Discriminatory Policy

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Demand NCAA Athletic Departments Adopt Trans-Inclusive Policies

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Demand World Rugby Adopt Transgender Inclusive Policies

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Tell the NHL Homophobic Slurs Don’t Belong in Sports

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Tell the NCAA Their Hypocritical Decision Won’t Fly

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Stand with LGBT Texans and Oppose Discriminatory Bill SB6

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