Demand NCAA Athletic Departments Adopt Trans-Inclusive Policies

Only ten of the 65 member institutions of the Power Five conferences have publicly adopted the NCAA’s guidance for transgender participation in collegiate athletics. Today, demand the remaining 55 schools swiftly adopt the guidance and publicly stand with transgender athletes across the country.

The campaign comes at a critical moment in the continued fight for transgender visibility and equality. Over the past year, the transgender community has been subject to ongoing efforts to demean and diminish their identities and strip away their rights. Just last month, reports indicated that the Department of Education would begin automatically dismissing complaints from transgender students who have faced discrimination in accessing restrooms. In addition, states across the country continue to introduce anti-LGBTQ pieces of legislation. Research also shows that 2017 was the deadliest year on record for the transgender community, with at least 28 transgender people dying due to fatal violence.

Accessible policies and practices continue to be a critically important metric to ensuring inclusive and equitable sports spaces. Studies show that students feel safer, more respected, and more compelled to call out discrimination when there are explicit and accessible policies and practices that protect the LGBTQ community. Without public and accessible information, we leave LGBTQ student-athletes, recruits, fans, coaches and officials vulnerable to discrimination.

We call on each of you to stand with your transgender constituents across the country.