Y’all Means All: Texas “Bathroom Bill” Defeated

Last night, the Texas House of Representatives adjourned without passing any of their proposed anti-transgender “bathroom bills”. This is a huge victory for transgender Texans and the state of Texas as a whole. This is the result of thousands of individuals and organizations that rallied around the LGBT community in Texas in the fight for equality.

Throughout the fight against these bathroom bills, Athlete Ally was committed to mobilizing the athletic community to speak out for their LGBT constituents. We’re proud to have seen so many athletes, teams and leagues voice their opposition to these proposed bills. Organizations like the NFL, NHL, and The Dallas Stars, stood with athletes like Brittney Griner, and Athlete Ally Ambassador Layshia Clarendon in speaking up and vocalizing their support of the transgender community. They were all extremely instrumental in keeping these “bathroom bills” from passing.

Athlete Ally Executive Director Hudson Taylor said the following:

“The inspirational activism taking place across Texas halted any effort of passing a discriminatory, transphobic bathroom bill. This should be a deterrent of any further attempts by states to introduce these types of bills. Sports should be a place free of prejudice, where everyone is given the ability to compete openly and equally. Legislation that would force transgender athletes into locker rooms and otherwise gendered spaces that don’t correspond with their gender identity fly in the face of this basic principle, and Athlete Ally is proud to see that last night, equality won.”