#WomenInFIFA wins in Zurich

Big news! I’m here on the ground in Zurich with the FIFA Congress, our friend and ally Moya Dodd, and all of the biggest influencers in soccer around the world. You signed your name to our petition to FIFA, asking for women to be included in FIFA at all levels of governance. On Thursday, we personally delivered the petition to FIFA, and on Friday FIFA Congress voted to enact proposed reforms for women in soccer!

Your voices were heard loud and clear! While we didn’t get everything we asked for, the reforms do include measures to increase the inclusion of women. Currently, FIFA Congress is made up of 210 members, only 3 of whom are female, and these new reforms are an important start on the work of diversifying the institution of FIFA.

This week has been an incredible platform for the #WomenInFIFA movement to highlight the importance of diversity and inclusion as the pathway to culture change and reform. But our work isn’t done. In fact it’s only beginning. Reforms, once passed, are only as good as their implementation, and we intend to hold the new FIFA President accountable for implementing these reforms and to the inclusion of women.
Click here to tweet directly to newly elected FIFA President Gianni Infantino about implementing the #WomenInFIFA reforms.

Thank you for helping us keep up the momentum!