Professional, Olympic and Paralympic Ambassadors work to end homophobia and transphobia in sports by leading their teams and communities to champion LGBTQI+ equality. We organize our ambassadors to speak out against potential legislation and policies that discriminate against LGBTQI+ people, while simultaneously supporting LGBTQI+ inclusive efforts within sport and society.

We believe that the athletes we remember the most are those who are silent the least. The greatest, most fondly remembered and timeless athletes are those whose careers transcend the game. Being an Athlete Ally Ambassador is one incredible way to leave a lasting legacy.

Our ambassadors work with us in a number of different ways including signing open letters, making public statements, amplifying our messages on social media or speaking at an event. No level of engagement is too little. We are always looking for passionate ambassadors to join the movement.

Please note that only current or retired Pro, Olympic or Paralympic athletes are eligible to become Ambassadors. If you’re interested in becoming an Athlete Ally Ambassador, please fill out our inquiry form here.

Abby Levene

Pro Ambassador

Running | Pro Trail Runner and Ultrarunner

Alison Mariella Désir

Pro Ambassador

Running | Founder, Harlem Run and Co-Chair, RIDC

Coree Woltering

Pro Ambassador


Su Mittra

Pro Ambassador

Ultra Running | Founder, Davis Square Runners

Emmett Stanford

Pro Ambassador

Running/Fitness | Spartan Ultra Elite/Crossfit

C.C. Tellez


Running | Founder, Lez Run Running Club

Coree Aussem-Woltering

Pro Ambassador

Ultra Running

Ricki Coughlan

Pro Ambassador

Runner/Transgender Athlete & Advocate

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