Special Message From Tennis Champion Renee Richards

Dr. Renee Richards here. Many of you remember my decades long ago tennis career, others may know me by my life as an ophthalmologist, and others still were introduced to me this fall when I received an Athlete Ally Action Award.

When I waged the battle for inclusion in women’s pro tennis in the 1970s, I did it because I wanted to play – because of my love for the game – and also to pave the way for other disenfranchised athletes. Whether you’re a player, or a coach, whether you’re gay or straight, or a woman who had been born a man, like me, the wonderful thing about sports is the power of the love of the game. Nobody should have to fight to be included or hide who they are to participate in sports.

That’s why I want to ask you to contribute to Athlete Ally this holiday season, so they can help continue to pave the way for LGBT inclusion in sports.

I know firsthand what it is like to be left out of sports, to feel unwelcome on the court, to have to fight just to play, just because of who you are. Every day, Athlete Ally works to combat stereotypes and prejudice in sports, to make it welcoming and inclusive for everyone. Please join me in supporting this critical work: Please click here to pitch in $20, $30, or even $75 today.

Thank you so much, and thank you for supporting Athlete Ally. We can do this, together!

-Dr. Renee Richards
Tennis Champion and Athlete Ally Action Award Recipient