New Anti-Discrimination Campaign Texas Wins Launches with Support from Mark Cuban

Earlier today, a coalition of equality groups across Texas and the United States launched Texas Wins, a campaign aimed at ensuring that all Texans, including members of the LGBT community, are protected from discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodations. Fueled by ongoing efforts of legislators to expand discriminatory policies in the state, Texas Wins will amplify the values of opportunity and fairness shared by a majority of Texans through business outreach, strategic communications, advertising, opposition research, and grassroots mobilization.

Dallas Mavericks owner and Athlete Ally Advisory Board member Mark Cuban voiced his support for the campaign, and for equality across the state: “I’m glad to see Texas Wins taking up the charge here and making a pro-business case to end discrimination in the Lone Star State,” Cuban said in the campaign’s news release. “I have little tolerance for gender or sexual discrimination in my businesses, nor do a majority of Fortune 500 companies. Texas is a beacon for business and should follow corporate America’s lead on this one.” Cuban has long been an outspoken ally to the LGBT community, previously saying he would be honored to have an LGBT player on his team.

The coalition behind Texas First includes Athlete Ally, Equality Texas, Texas Freedom Network, Texas Research Institute, ACLU of Texas, Faith in Public Life, and Resource Center of Dallas.

Recognizing the connection between security off the field and performance on it, Athlete Ally is committed to ensuring that all people are treated fairly and equally at work and in our communities. We believe that people should be protected from discrimination – on their field of play and under the law. To commit to leveling the playing field for LGBT athletes, coaches, and staff so that their experiences in competition, in employment, and in our communities are free from discrimination, join the Athlete Ally Campaign for Equality.