Athlete Ally Responds to NC Anti-Trans Athlete Bill

Athlete Ally responded to news that yesterday, the North Carolina House and Senate voted to override Governor Cooper’s vetoes of HB 808 (a youth gender-affirming care ban), SB 49 (a “Don’t Say Gay” bill), and HB 574 (a trans sports ban), making each law in the state. 

“As a former pro athlete who was born in and competed in North Carolina, I’m heartbroken and dismayed to see transgender athletes in my home state banned from the sports they love,” said Athlete Ally Ambassador and former NWSL NC Courage player Schuyler DeBree. “Soccer gave me my closest friends and made me the person I am today, and I want every child to have that same opportunity, including our transgender youth. I want transgender youth in North Carolina to know that I see them, I love them, and that there are many athletes like me who will keep fighting for them to be treated with equality and respect.”

“Our heart breaks for the many people, particularly trans youth and their families, whose lives will be harmed by these cruel laws,” said Equality North Carolina. “And we’re enraged by the hostile disregard to our communities displayed by the Legislature. Trans kids deserve better.”

For more information on resources for trans youth in North Carolina, please visit Equality North Carolina’s website.