Meet the Tufts Student w/ Two Dads Taking Athlete Ally’s Message to Tufts

Maxwell Bosse is a Tufts University sophomore from California. Hudson Taylor’s presentation about Athlete Ally and an inclusive athletic culture at his high school, Francis Parker, along with the loving relationship between his two dads, inspired him to start an Athlete Ally club on campus.

My name is Maxwell Bosse and I am a sophomore at Tufts University. After hearing that Hudson Taylor gave a presentation about Athlete Ally at my high school, Francis W. Parker, I immediately checked out the organization online and knew I had to get involved.

My whole life I have been involved in athletics. I have played or tried to play almost every sport at some point in my life, but have focused most on football and basketball. My reason for becoming an ally and starting Athlete Ally at Tufts is simple: To create an environment in which all people feel comfortable, safe, and welcomed to be a part of the athletic community, whether it be at the varsity, club, or intramural level.

As an athlete I have heard many derogatory comments made on the court, field, and locker room. Although the meaning of these terms is not always intentionally offensive, regardless, they always are. I have two dads who have been together for almost 37 years. My whole life I have heard people use “gay” as a word to describe athletic contact or common locker room practices. Every time I hear someone use that word it hits home for me personally. Unfortunately there are many other words and comments I have heard both inside and outside the athletic community. It is words and comments like these that decades from now I believe society will look back on with shame.

It is also comments like these that prevent the existence of a welcoming athletic community. At Tufts I believe we have a very accepting and thriving athletic community, but there is always room for improvement. I hope that by bringing Athlete Ally to Tufts I can get the student body and athletic community motivated, dedicated, and excited about creating the type of athletic community that should be inherent: one that is open to all.