Mack Beggs to be Honored With Athlete Ally Action Award

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September 7, 2017

Contact: Taylor Carr, or 315-945-7480

Athlete Ally to Honor Mack Beggs with an Athlete Ally Action Award for his Continued Activism in the fight for LGBT Equality

The Action Awards celebrate the pioneering actions of organizations and individuals in 2017 that helped create LGBT inclusive athletic environments and eliminate anti-LGBT prejudice at large.

New York (September 7, 2017) – Today, Athlete Ally announced that Mack Beggs will be honored at the Fourth Annual Athlete Ally Action Awards. Athlete Ally is a nonprofit organization focused on fostering inclusive athletic environments and mobilizing the athletic community to champion LGBT equality. The awards ceremony will take place October 3rd at the Dream Downtown Hotel in New York City.

Earlier this year, Mack’s story took the nation by storm – a transgender high school male wrestler was being forced to compete against girls due to outdated and discriminatory Texas policies. Mack’s reality continues to highlight the patchwork of protections across sport governing bodies related to transgender participation in sport. The lack of support for transgender athletes has devastating consequences, including forcing athletes to use facilities inconsistent with their gender identity; harassment and inaccurate use of an athlete’s preferred pronoun; and even the complete inability for an athlete to compete in the sport they love. But, none of that has stopped Mack from fighting back.

Over the past six months, Mack has become a force in the fight for inclusion and equality. He was selected as the grand marshal of the San Antonio pride parade, an opportunity he hoped would bring greater awareness to the continued fight for transgender visibility. And, just last month, Mack partnered with Athlete Ally to publish a PSA pushing back against the proposed anti-LGBT legislation introduced as part of the Texas Special Session. Thanks to efforts like Mack’s – and the thousands of activists on the ground in Texas – the Texas Special Session concluded without the passing of an anti-transgender bill.

“Mack’s story has inspired people across the country to stand up and speak out for the full dignity and protection of the LGBT community,” said Hudson Taylor, executive director of Athlete Ally. “We’re proud to help lift up Mack’s story and honor someone – who at just 17 years old – is so bravely living his authentic life and fighting for the protection of the LGBT community.”

“I truly believe we’ve reached one of the most critical moments in the fight for equality,” said Mack Beggs. “The power of mobilizing the athletic community to speak out for the LGBT community cannot be understated in changing hearts and minds around the country. It’s what makes organizations like Athlete Ally so instrumental in the path forward, and why I’m so honored to accept this award.”

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Athlete Ally is a nonprofit organization that educates and empowers the athletic community to take a stand against homophobia and transphobia in sports. Athlete Ally works with MLB, the NBA, WNBA, and NBPA on player development and LGBT inclusion. It also co-wrote the NCAA’s LGBT policies and resource guides and partners with over 150 professional athletes and college campuses to promote LGBT equality and respect.

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