Delaware Football Player Ryan Cobb is an Athlete Ally

Ryan Cobb is a senior tight end for the University of Delaware’s football team, and is an active ally to members of the LGBT community. After a visit by Hudson Taylor to his campus, Ryan tweeted his support for acceptance and equality. Below, Ryan expands on what allyship means to him. 

Playing a sport where the more masculine you make your self seem the better, I have heard my fair share of homophobic insults and ignorant comments. Most people say them not knowing the severity of their words, while others say it to make themselves feel more masculine.

Due to the nature of the violent, fast and team sport that is football, people expect you to be a certain way. A certain mindset. One that represents toughness and “being a man”. This mindset has unfortunately let some be prey to sexist, and homophobic jokes or comments.

Football has been advertised as the ultimate team sport, and I think that it’s so important that if a group of players on a team speak up about equality, they will create a welcoming environment for those who are closeted. If you get the message across to a person, a group, a team, it will eventually turn into a conference and from there into a country that is supportive and welcoming. I identify not only as a straight male, but as an ally for all LGBT athletes worldwide.

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