Canberra United and Lori Lindsey Show #P6 Support

Lori Lindsey, American soccer star and member of the 2012 Olympic team, is currently tearing up the fields of Canberra on an adventure “down under,” playing for Canberra United in Australia’s W-League.

The midfielder is also a staunch supporter of LGBT rights, and the Principle 6 campaign that Athlete Ally and All Out are leading with the help of American Apparel.

Pictured above in the six formation are Aussies Lydia Williams, Michelle Heyman, Caitlin Munoz, Sally Shipard (also an Olympian and #P6 supporter), Lori Lindsey, and American Stephanie Ochs. Get your gear here!

The W-League is in its sixth season this year, and boasts a range of domestic and international talent that have lead to a good deal of success for the venture. Play will continue through the end of February and the league’s Grand Finale.