Athlete Ally, OUTWOD, and The Out Foundation Respond to Anti-LGBTQ Statement by Crossfit HQ Executive

Athlete Ally, OUTWOD, and The Out Foundation are outraged by the vehemently anti-LGBTQ statements released by Russell Burger, Chief Knowledge Officer of CrossFit HQ, via Twitter.

CrossFit is meant to be a community that welcomes and empowers all people. LGBTQ CrossFit athletes represent a significant percentage of the CrossFit population; to deny their existence by allowing Russell Burger to continue on staff without a formal apology to the entire community is abhorrent. As a competitive sport and fitness regimen designed to be universal, scalable and open to anyone willing to join in the camaraderie, CrossFit HQ should make it clear that discrimination and bigotry have no place in CrossFit.

During Pride Month, we should be celebrating and recognizing the influence LGBTQ people have had in sport and reflecting on progress — not regressing to hateful language. We hope for a formal and substantial apology from CrossFit HQ immediately.

Link to The Out Foundation’s statement here:

Update: As of June 6, 2018, Crossfit HQ has terminated Russell Berger. Crossfit HQ’s comments can be found here: