Athlete Ally Responds to WY Anti-Trans Athlete Bill

March 20, 2023 — Athlete Ally responded today to news that Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon has allowed a ban on transgender girls and women playing high school sports to pass without his signature. While Gordon did not veto the bill, he wrote a a letter to Wyoming Secretary of State Chuck Gray noting that the bill is prejudiced, might lead to higher rates of teen suicide, and will likely invite lawsuits.

“I am concerned that the ban included in this legislation is overly draconian, is discriminatory without attention to individual circumstances or mitigating factors, and pays little attention to fundamental principles of equality,” Gordon wrote in the letter to Gray.

“We are devastated to see Wyoming become the 19th state to ban transgender kids from playing the sport they love,” said Anne Lieberman, Athlete Ally’s Director of Policy and Programs. “We are witnessing a domino effect of states across the country attacking the fundamental rights of transgender youth to be who they are in all parts of their life, including sports. Transgender youth in Wyoming – and everywhere – deserve love and compassion, and to experience the lifesaving power of sports. We are grateful to all the advocates on the ground in Wyoming who join us in the fight for all trans kids to be safe, welcome and included in sport.”