Athlete Ally Responds to World Surf League Trans Policy

February 7, 2023 — Athlete Ally responded today to news that World Surf League (WSL) has announced a new policy for transgender athlete participation. WSL is a global surfing organization, holding hundreds of events and tours across the world, and is following a policy recommended by the International Surfing Association.

Under new guidelines, trans female athletes are required to maintain a testosterone level of less than 5 nmol/L (nanomoles per litre) for at least 12 months in order to compete in the women’s division. 

“We’re glad to see that WSL has put forward a policy that allows trans women to compete,” said Anne Lieberman, Director of Policy and Programs at Athlete Ally. “We applaud their desire to balance equity and fairness in an environment that is increasingly seeking to sideline transgender women from sport. We also hope to see more inclusive guidelines in place for surfers who are not competing at the elite level.”

Photo by Sacha Verheij on Unsplash