Athlete Ally Responds to Kevin Durant’s Homophobic Slur

Athlete Ally responded today to reports that NBA Brooklyn Nets player Kevin Durant used homophobic language in a documented exchange. Since the news broke, Durant apologized with the following statement:

“I’m sorry that people have seen the language I used. That’s not what I want people to see or hear from me.”

“Athlete Ally is disturbed by the homophobic language used by NBA player Kevin Durant, which reflect an overarching issue of problematic language perpetuating a toxic culture within sport,” said Hudson Taylor, Founder and Executive Director at Athlete Ally. “We have seen Durant act in allyship with the LGBTQ+ community in the past, and hope to see him take meaningful steps to learning about the impact homophobic slurs have on LGBTQ+ players and fans. Athlete Ally will continue to work with the NBA to build inclusive environments and culture throughout the league.”