Athlete Ally Responds to Anti-Transgender Bill SB2095 in Texas

The Texas Senate has voted to approve Senate Bill 2095, a bill that could keep transgender students out of high school sports. The Senate Republican that introduced the bill claims the purpose of the bill is to ensure fair-play and limit the use of steroids in athletics. However, we won’t be fooled by the motivations behind introducing this bill, which is a clear attempt to discriminate against transgender student-athletes.

Athlete Ally’s Executive Director Hudson Taylor said the following:

“SB2095 is nothing more than a veiled attempt to exclude transgender athletes from participating in sports. The bill has been disguised under the auspices of fair-play and reducing steroid use, while in fact this argument has been debunked with past UIL monitoring efforts. It’s clear that the real intent of this bill is to allow UIL to discriminate against transgender youth.”

“Athletics should be a space that is affirming and accessible to all student-athletes, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. We should be working to establish policies that are inclusive for LGBT youth, not actively seeking to deny them the benefits and value sport instills in each of us.”

Media Contact: Taylor Carr, or 315-945-7480