Athlete Ally Reacts to Reports that Morocco Attempted to Hide its Anti-LGBTQ law in World Cup Bid

Attributed to Hudson Taylor, executive director of Athlete Ally.

“Hosting the World Cup is a privilege that comes with the responsibility of ensuring that human rights are protected, respected, and remedied wherever the games are held. To do this, potential hosts must be transparent about their human rights risks and clear about their process for remedying those risks.

Morocco’s attempt to hide its anti-LGBTQ law and not define a clear remedy for the discrimination it enables, is a violation of the FIFA bid requirements, and cannot be tolerated.

In contrast, the United 2026 bid submitted by the United States, Canada and Mexico strictly adhered to FIFA’s human rights policy, spending significant amounts of time with key stakeholders to assess the challenges and opportunities for human rights across all three contexts. Morocco has a responsibility to ensure that everyone — regardless of sexual orientation — is safe and free from of the fear of discrimination during the World Cup. If they choose not to, FIFA must uphold its guidelines and human rights policies and reject the Moroccan bid.”