Athlete Ally Pro Ambassador Joe Valentine Speaks Out In Support of Houston’s Proposition 1

Today Athlete Ally Pro Ambassador Joe Valentine, a former MLB pitcher, announces his support for Houston’s Proposition 1.

Proposition 1 would protect all Houstonians from discrimination in employment, housing, and public spaces like restaurants and sports stadiums. Recently, former Houston Astros player Lance Berkman spoke out in opposition of the proposition.

Statement from Joe Valentine, former MLB pitcher and Athlete Ally Pro Ambassador
“I’m the father of two wonderful little girls and spent years as a major league pitcher. As a Dad, I would do anything to protect my daughters. As a major league ball player, Lance Berkman does not speak for me, or any of the other fair-minded guys in baseball. Berkman’s comments don’t reflect the facts. Proposition 1 will not allow men in women’s bathrooms. It simply allows everyone to work hard and be treated fairly, no matter who they are, and that includes transgender people.”

Athlete Ally’s mission is to educate and activate athletic communities to exercise their leadership to champion LGBT equality. Founded in 2012, Athlete Ally has worked with the NBA, WNBA, and MLB on matters of respect and inclusion; led the Principle 6 campaign that convinced the International Olympic Committee to include sexual orientation in the non-discrimination clause of the Olympic Charter; and counts more than 130 college, professional, and Olympic athletes among its dedicated and active Ambassadors.