Athlete Ally Celebrates Equal Pay for Team USA Act

January 6, 2023 — Today, Athlete Ally celebrated the news that on Thursday, President Biden signed the Equal Pay for Team USA Act into law. This act will require all athletes representing the United States in global competition to receive equal pay and benefits in their sport, regardless of gender.

“I … want to thank heroes like [Athlete Ally Ambassador] Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan, who brought that case against U.S. Soccer,” Sen. Maria Cantwell, who co-sponsored the Act, said of the American soccer stars, whose World Cup victory in 2019 provided the backdrop for the start of the effort. “U.S. women’s soccer led the charge after winning the World Cup and making it clear to everyone that women athletes deserve equal pay.”

“Every athlete deserves to be treated with equality and respect, regardless of gender.  Equal pay for Team USA is long overdue, and is possible today because of the leadership and passion of athletes who have been fighting for this cause for years, including Athlete Ally Ambassadors and USWNT players Megan Rapinoe, Jessica McDonald, Ali Krieger, Imani Dorsey and Becky Sauerbrunn,” said Hudson Taylor, Founder and Executive Director of Athlete Ally. “These athletes refused to allow Team USA athletes in women’s sports to be sidelined from the compensation they rightly deserve. Throughout history, this is how we move forward as a global sport community: when athletes with powerful platforms use their voices to call for change, inspiring teammates and fans alike to join the cause. We are incredibly proud to call Megan, Jessica, Ali, Imani and Becky Ambassadors, and to see the efforts from them and so many others leading to this historic milestone.”