Athlete Ally Ambassador Kedzie Teller on Quadball Change

Athlete Ally Ambassador and Team USA athlete Kedzie Teller has weighed in on the International Quidditch Association (IQA)’s announcement that the sport will change its name to quadball to distance itself from author J.K. Rowling’s transphobic views, and because of copyright concerns related to the name. This follows announcements that US Quidditch and Major League Quidditch have changed to US Quadball (USQ) and Major League Quadball (MLQ).

“Quadball’s greatest quality is its inclusivity,” said Teller in an exclusive statement to Athlete Ally. “From the very beginning, quadball was built on a sense of community and fair play, bringing people from all walks of life together to learn, compete, and enjoy a new sport together, regardless of who they are. As the sport grew, inclusion was always at the forefront of any rule or gameplay development, ensuring there was equal opportunity for participation no matter one’s gender identity.

In today’s charged sociopolitical landscape, quadball is a shining example of how sports can and SHOULD develop their stance on inclusion: gender identity isn’t something that is questioned or debated; it is celebrated and protected. Our trans siblings deserve every opportunity to play the sports they love, and as quadball pushes deeper into the mainstream of athletics, I hope other sports programs take note that equality and inclusion aren’t just possible, they are essential.

The decision to rebrand quidditch as quadball is a genius move by the sport’s leadership team as it dissolves so many of the barriers that had previously stifled its growth. I look forward to seeing the sport I love so much reach new levels of success through expanded marketing capabilities with this new name, and I encourage everyone to get out there and try it.”