Athlete Ally Admonishes Trump Administration’s Reversal on Transgender Protections

Today, the White House has sent a clear signal that the Federal Government doesn’t take the safety and inclusion of transgender students seriously. The Obama Administration’s 2016 guidance on a public school’s responsibilities to transgender students made it clear that every student deserves a fair chance to succeed in school and prepare for their future.
Today’s decision could have significant consequences on transgender athletes. The Obama Administration’s guidance was definitive in the federal government’s support for transgender athletes to enter the locker room that corresponded with their gender identity. Research suggests that nearly 60 percent of transgender students have been forced to use a bathroom or locker room inconsistent with their gender identity, and today’s decision could very well be a detriment to curbing that alarming statistic.
Athlete Ally remains vigilant in our efforts to build inclusive athletic environments regardless of an athlete’s gender identity or sexual orientation. All athletes deserve a fair shot — both on the field and off — and we’ll continue working with administrators, teams, leagues and athletes to stand up and speak out for the safety of our transgender youth. We believe that the next generation of athletes should grow up in an inclusive athletic environment protected and supported by their government.