Athlete Ally, Tampa Bay Rays, Giants and Under Armour
Sign Amicus Brief Supporting LGBTQ Protections

Today, an Amicus brief signed by Athlete Ally, Tampa Bay Rays and Rowdies, San Francisco Giants, Under Armour, and more than 200 businesses across the country was filed in support of anti-discrimination protections for LGBT workers. The brief was authored by Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP, and signatories were organized by a coalition of LGBTQ civil rights organizations, including the Human Rights Campaign, Lambda Legal, Out Leadership, Out and Equal, and Freedom for All Americans. The brief relates to three cases that will be heard by United States Supreme Court involving discrimination against LGBT people, and argues that interpreting Title VII to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity is good for employees, businesses, and the economy as a whole. This brief has twice as many signatories then previous LGBTQ nondiscrimination briefs, representing approximately 7.4 million employees from a wide variety of industries, with more than $5 trillion in revenue.

“We all deserve to be free from discrimination in every area of our lives,” said Hudson Taylor, Executive Director of Athlete Ally. “When LGBTQ people are safe, welcome and included for who they are, we all thrive as businesses, as communities and as a country. I’m proud to stand today with the Tampa Bay Rays and Rowdies, the Giants, Under Amour and more than 200 businesses across the country in support of LGBTQ workers.”

“This brief exposes the lie that affirming Civil Rights protections for LGBTQ Americans is somehow anti-business,” Erin Uritus, CEO of Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, said in a statement. “The opposite is true. Equality is good for businesses and employees. And consumers — who are increasingly savvy and intentional about their spending power — are demanding equality. I’m inspired by all of the leaders who have joined with us today in submitting this brief. The Civil Rights Act needs to be affirmed in a way that serves and protects all Americans.”

Read the full brief here, and the press release from the organizers here.