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“Becoming an Athlete Ally gives me the opportunity to spread a message of inclusiveness throughout the NBA and our country.  I have two moms and I love them both very much. I respect, honor and support them in every way. The bond I have with them has made me realize that I want all members of the LGBT community – whether they are parents, players, coaches or fans – to feel welcome in the NBA and in all of our communities.”

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May 14, 2013

Kenneth Faried makes moms proud

Minutes after Jason Collins revealed he was gay on April 29, a certain Denver Nugget fired up his iPhone to send out an urgent tweet. He wanted to be the first to give a standing ovation, the first to say the world was a better place. It took him about 60 seconds to type his words in, and, presto, Kenneth Faried was in the fray again:

Wow this is amazing all smiles. So so happy Jason Collins came out &announce he was openly GAY…ALL SUPPORT OVER HERE #ATHLETEALLY #LGBT

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Feb 25, 2013

Kenneth Faried Talks LGBT Issues

Faried was a natural candidate. He grew up in a same-sex household with his mother and her spouse. Faried doesn’t see this as a noble cause or an idealistic vision because, for him, it’s a simple reality. He doesn’t know any other world. For gay people and those like Faried for whom gay relationships are normative, that’s often the most frustrating part of any discussion about rights or working environments. It’s so un-radical to propose that we create a world where people Faried was a natural candidate.

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Feb 12, 2013

Kenneth Faried Joins Athlete Ally

Denver Nuggets star Kenneth Faried has become the first NBA player to join an organization devoted to fighting homophobia in sports, and said he hopes his involvement will raise awareness of gay rights in professional basketball.

Equal rights for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community is close to the heart of Faried, nicknamed the “Manimal” for his fierceness on the court. The 23-year-old forward was raised in New Jersey by two mothers, who married in 2007. Faried recently appeared with his mothers in a video for the advocacy group OneColorado, to encourage Colorado to legalize civil unions.

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