Christopher McLeod

Pro Ambassador

Wrestling and MMA | Retired/Current Coach

“I spent most of my life grappling with myself. As a wrestler and a fighter, I was convinced that if people knew that I was gay, everything I had worked so hard for would be invalidated. As a coach, I feared that my ability to share my love of sports and impact athletes would be taken away. It took a series of life events, intertwined with my athletic endeavors, for me to arrive at the fundamental understanding that being gay does not make me less of a champion, athlete, coach, or human. Nobody should live in fear or abandon their dreams because of how they identify, what pronouns they use, or who they love. We need representation at every level and in every sport to support our LGBTQ+ athletes and coaches. I am honored to be part of the Athlete Ally Ambassador team and for the opportunity to join the movement to promote inclusion in athletics.”

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