Ashley Hoffman

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Field Hockey | Team USA

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I want to be an Athlete Ally Ambassador because I believe everyone should have equal opportunities to benefit from sport in the ways I have been privileged to. Sport has brought me joy, growth, friendships, and experiences as well as taught me more about myself then I ever thought possible. All athletes, regardless of identity, should feel the camaraderie of their teammates and organizations, see the results of dedication to their sport in competition, and to feel safe in spaces they perform and train. Simply put, I want everyone who has a passion to play, to be able to. I’m proud to join Athlete Ally in advocating for an equal place in sport for LGBTQIA+ athletes.

Finally, it’s my hope that young athletes can see this Ambassador team and know that they are more than an athlete and more than merely entertainment — that their voice can make a difference in their sport and in society.

Photo: USA Field Hockey

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