Athlete Ally Responds to AL Anti-Trans Sports Bill

April 23, 2021 (New York, NY) — Athlete Ally responded today to news that Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has signed House Bill 391 into law, effectively banning transgender youth from participating in school sports. This makes Alabama one of more than 35 states across the country to introduce an anti-trans sports bill, and the fifth state this year to sign such a bill into law.

“Alabama’s House Bill 391 is a discriminatory and dangerous attack on the humanity of transgender youth,” said Joanna Hoffman, Director of Communications at Athlete Ally. “We know that sports bring tremendous physical, mental and social benefits to youth, and yet — especially during a global pandemic — Governor Ivey has decided to sideline already vulnerable youth. We will keep fighting for transgender athletes in Alabama and across the country to be safe, welcome and included in sports.”

“As a pro athlete in Alabama, I want every transgender kid in this state to have access to the sport they love,” said Athlete Ally Ambassador and Birmingham Legion player Mikey Lopez. “That’s why I’ve been speaking out against HB391, and while I’ll continue to fight for transgender youth to be treated with fairness and compassion.”