Thank You, NCAA

We need your signature to champion LGBT equality.

We need your help to let the NCAA know that their hard work and efforts are noticed and appreciated. If we speak out in favor of their courageous choices today, the NCAA will know many supporters across the country have their back and are grateful for their efforts. They will remember this the next time they face obstacles to equality like HB2. Add your name today. Click here to tweet and rally more.

In September, the NCAA announced it would relocate its championship games from North Carolina because of the anti-LGBT environment caused by the state’s discriminatory law (HB2). This historic decision sent a powerful message: Discrimination has no place in sports.

This was a big win for LGBT equality both on and off the field of play. But there’s still more work to be done. Sign on to stand with the NCAA and add your voice to the growing movement for LGBT equality.

Together, we can help create a more inclusive environment for all players, coaches, staff and fans– on the field, in the stands and under the law.