#EveryFan: Frequently Asked Questions

#EveryFan is a campaign for every sports fan in America because every fan should be treated with dignity & respect.

What is #EveryFan?

EveryFan is a national campaign led by Athlete Ally that will engage athletic leagues, teams, athletes, and sports fans in a celebratory dialogue around fan culture.

EveryFan believes that all fans, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) fans, should have a great experience cheering on their favorite teams and athletes. EveryFan believes that all fans should be treated fairly and equally, with dignity and respect, inside and outside of the stadium.

EveryFan will empower leagues, teams, athletes, and fans to show support for every fan, because every fan matters. EveryFan aims to increase LGBT fan presence, safety, and participation at sporting events.

Who can be a part of #EveryFan?

Everyone! Sports leagues, college athletic departments, teams, coaches, pro and Olympic athletes, student-athletes, those engaged with rec sports, and of course: fans of every sport.

How can I get involved with #EveryFan?

Leagues, teams, facilities, and colleges can sign on to EveryFan, by contacting everyfan@athleteally.org. Fans can join at www.everyfan.org.

What is the sign-on language for teams and leagues?

“We believe that every fan must have an equally positive experience and must treat each other
and be treated with dignity and respect. We believe every fan, including LGBT fans, should be treated equally, at our games and in their lives. We support equality for every fan. It’s good for our team. It’s good for sports. And it’s the right thing to do.”

Why did Athlete Ally start #EveryFan?

A recent study* found that 83% of participants believed that an openly gay person would not be very safe as a spectator at a sporting eventand Athlete Ally believes that every fan should feel welcome and be treated with respect while cheering on their favorite athletes and teams.

More questions?

Contact the Athlete Ally team: everyfan@athleteally.org | 212.213.146 | www.everyfan.org


*Out On The Field, 2015.