300+ NCAA, Team USA & Olympic Swimmers: We Support Lia and All Trans & Nonbinary Athletes

February 10, 2022 (New York, NY) — Today, Athlete Ally and Schuyler Bailar, the first openly transgender NCAA Division I swimmer, sent a letter to the NCAA from 300+ current and former NCAA, Team USA and Olympic swimmers in support of transgender swimmer Lia Thomas and all transgender and nonbinary athletes in their sport. Sports Illustrated broke the news in an exclusive story here, and the letter in full is here and below.

“The amount of discrimination [Thomas] has experienced, the amount of hatred, the amount of just blatant cruelty that has been projected and targeted at her, it is inhumane,” Bailar told SI. “It is unkind. It is horrible. It is really hard to see as another transgender athlete, in person. And, to be quite honest and frank with you, it is life-threatening to trans people in general, because we already are at risk.”

“I was fortunate enough to be welcomed with open arms in the swim community when I came out as gay,” said Erica Sullivan, who signed the letter as a Team USA Olympian who won a silver medal in Tokyo. “Just with my own personal good experience of coming out and feeling all that love and support within my swim community, I feel like [Lia] deserves the same thing.”


Open Letter to the NCAA in Support of Transgender and Nonbinary Athletes

We, the undersigned members of the swimming community, support and welcome transgender and nonbinary athletes in our sport.

With this letter, we express our support for Lia Thomas, and all transgender college athletes, who deserve to be able to participate in safe and welcoming athletic environments. We urge you to not allow political pressure to compromise the safety and wellbeing of college athletes everywhere. 

We ask the following: 1) do not adopt USA Swimming’s current policy mid-season; 2) establish clear and consistent guidelines for developing and adopting new eligibility policies, and ensure those policies are adopted and communicated well in advance of the season; and 3) ensure that transgender and nonbinary athletes are directly engaged in the policy development process. 

We love swimming for the lifelong, invaluable lessons it has taught us about hard work, discipline, and the power of being part of a team. No one should be denied the opportunity to have their life changed through swimming simply because of who they are. 

There are very real, documented threats to women’s swimming, including but not limited to rampant sexual abuse, and an inequitable number of women’s coaches within USA Swimming. The NCAA also faces its own deep and historical challenges with gender equity, as outlined in the detailed report released last year focused on the stark differences between NCAA D1 men’s and women’s basketball. We can and should address these challenges. Transgender women are not and have never been a part of these challenges to women’s swimming, and sidelining them from sport does nothing to protect women athletes.

What makes our sport great is the strength in the diversity of our athletes. No one swimmer is the same. We learn from each other, are inspired by one another, and support one another. We will not be silent as members of our swim community are unfairly targeted by discriminatory policies. 


  1. Kenneth Castro Abrams, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  2. Aaron Ach, Princeton University Swimming & Diving
  3. Claire Adams, Team USA, University of Texas Swimming & Diving
  4. Madeline Alagia, Rhodes College Swimming & Diving
  5. Stephanie Amberg, UCLA Swim & Dive, North Bay Aquatics
  6. Michael Ambrosio, Goucher College Swimming & Diving
  7. Lauren Anderson, American University Swimming & Diving
  8. Gail Anderson, Kenyon College Swim & Dive
  9. Maddie Annis, Williams College Swimming & Diving
  10. Lauren Antonowich, Washington University in St. Louis Swimming
  11. Grace Ariola, University of Texas Swimming & Diving
  12. Julia Armitage, Brown University Swimming & Diving
  13. Macey Arnold, University of North Carolina Swimming & Diving
  14. Hannah Aylward, Carleton College Swimming & Diving
  15. Cecina Babich Morrow, Kenyon College Swim & Dive
  16. Jeremy Babinet, University of Michigan Swimming & Diving
  17. Schuyler Bailar, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  18. Al Bailey, University of North Dakota Swimming & Diving
  19. Abigail Benkert, Cornell University Swimming & Diving
  20. Meredith Bergman, Carleton College Swimming & Diving
  21. Zachary Bergman, Colby College Swimming & Diving
  22. Alyssa Berman, Swarthmore College Swimming
  23. Jonathan Bernard, Xavier University Swimming
  24. Elizabeth Bernardy, Smith College Swimming & Diving
  25. Jessica Blake-West, Brown University Swimming & Diving
  26. Madison Blaydes, University of Wisconsin-Madison Swimming & Diving
  27. Jordan Blitz, Cornell Swimming & Diving
  28. Ellen Bloom, University of Minnesota Swim & Dive
  29. Natalie Bodenhamer, Knox College Swimming & Diving
  30. Karen Gerken Book, Rice University Swimming
  31. Malia Borg, Macalester College Swimming & Diving
  32. Jack Boyd, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  33. Amanda Brackett, Clark University Swimming and Diving 
  34. Lauren Brady, Ithaca College Swimming & Diving
  35. Jacquelyn Braggin, UC Davis Swimming & Diving
  36. Olivia Bray, Team USA
  37. Allyson Bremer, Rice University Swimming, USA Swimming
  38. Kendall Brent, Yale University Swimming & Diving
  39. Kelly Brock, University of Kansas Swimming
  40. Mac Brower, Bowdoin College Swimming & Diving
  41. Emma Bulman, Team USA; Clark University Swimming & Diving
  42. Brigita Burgess, Yale University Swimming & Diving
  43. Brigid Burke, East Carolina University Swimming/Diving
  44. Savannah Butler, Harvard Swimming & Diving
  45. Sarah Campbell, Kenyon College Swim & Dive
  46. Jennifer Fredsall Cantwell, University of Utah Swimming & Diving
  47. Gillian Caverly, Cornell Swimming & Diving
  48. Allison Chang, Cornell Swimming & Diving
  49. Daniel Chang, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  50. Caroline Chapon, Macalester College Swimming & Diving
  51. Michelle Chintanaphol, Yale Swimming 
  52. Kait Chura, Rice University Swimming
  53. Kelsey Clary, Clark University Swimming & Diving
  54. Emma Coakley, Team USA (triathlon), University of Louisville Swimming & Diving
  55. Lauren Cogar, Knox College Swimming & Diving
  56. Cody Conte, SUNY Brockport Swimming & Diving
  57. Anna Cook, University of Rochester Swimming & Diving
  58. Val Corrente, Worcester Polytechnic Institute Swimming & Diving
  59. Izabel Coxfaxo, Macalester College Swimming & Diving
  60. Jameson Crandell, Cornell Swimming & Diving
  61. Kayde Cross, University of Texas Swimming & Diving
  62. Emily Culver, Carleton College Swimming & Diving
  63. Miki Dahlke, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  64. Kevin Dai, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  65. Alexis Danchak, American University Swimming & Diving
  66. Ren DeBrossd , Kenyon College Swim & Dive
  67. Hadley DeBruyn, University of Pennsylvania Swimming & Diving
  68. Kathryn Didion, Princeton University Swimming & Diving
  69. Tyler DiMarco, American University Swimming & Diving
  70. Robert Doles, Harvard Swimming
  71. Leif Jorgensen Duus, St. Olaf College Swim & Dive
  72. Sam Dyer, Macalester College Swimming & Diving
  73. Kristi Edleson, University of Pennsylvania Swimming & Diving
  74. Nathalie Eid, Yale University Swimming & Diving
  75. Erin Emery, University of Minnesota Swimming & Diving
  76. Anastasia Erley, Swarthmore College Swimming
  77. Alexandra Ernst, Rice University Swimming
  78. Katherine Evans, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  79. Shannon Exley, American University Swimming & Diving
  80. Eva Fabian, Team USA, Yale University Swimming & Diving
  81. Natalie Fahey, USA Swimming, Southern Illinois University Swimming & Diving
  82. Josh Feinberg, Clark University Swimming & Diving
  83. Eleanor Felton , American University Swimming & Diving
  84. Liam Fitzgerald, Princeton University Swimming & Diving
  85. Emily Fogle, Purdue University Swimming & Diving
  86. Sophie Fontaine, Yale University Swimming & Diving
  87. Megan Foran, Northeastern University Swimming & Diving
  88. Emily Fogel, Purdue University Swimming
  89. Luke Foster, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  90. Betsy Foy, Macalester Swim and Dive
  91. Patrick Frith, Yale University Swimming & Diving
  92. Maddy Frost, University of Michigan Swimming/Diving
  93. Taylor García, University of Michigan Swimming/Diving
  94. Daniela Georges, University of Arizona Swimming & Diving
  95. Rebekah Getman, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  96. Grace Giddings, University of Pennsylvania Swimming & Diving
  97. Amelia Gilchrist, Brown Swimming and Diving
  98. Grant Goddard, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  99. Brandon Goldman, Louisiana State University Swimming & Diving
  100. Isabella Goldsmith, UCLA Swimming & Diving
  101. Kara Gordon, Washington University in St. Louis Swimming & Diving
  102. Lucy Gramley, US Masters Swimming, Brown University Water Polo
  103. Evan Grey, Georgetown University Swimming & Diving
  104. Taylor Grey, University of Virginia Swimming & Diving
  105. Owen Griffin, Knox College Swimming & Diving
  106. Haley Griffin, University of New England Swimming
  107. Madeline Groves, Swimming Australia
  108. Katie Grover, UCLA Swim & Dive, Swim Atlanta 
  109. Elaina Gu, Princeton University Swimming & Diving
  110. Sofia Guarnieri, University of Rochester Swimming & Diving
  111. Vivian Guo, Swarthmore College Swimming
  112. Daniel Gutnayer, University of Pennsylvania Swimming & Diving
  113. Sarah Haase, Stanford University Swimming & Diving
  114. Caylee Hamilton, Indiana University, Purdue University, Indianapolis Swimming &  Diving
  115. Samantha Harding, Team Canada, University of Minnesota Swim & Dive
  116. Matti Harrison, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  117. Jenna Harrison-Peters, Clark University Swimming & Diving
  118. Malak Hassouna, American University Swimming & Diving
  119. Eszter Heins, UC San Diego Swimming & Diving
  120. Iszac Henig, Yale Swimming
  121. Carlo Hensch, Harvard Swimming & Diving
  122. Luca Hensch, Harvard Swimming and Diving
  123. Ezren Herzog, Knox College Swimming & Diving
  124. Lucas Hess, Brown University Swimming & Diving
  125. Erica Hjelle, Team USA, Georgetown University Swimming & Diving
  126. Deborah Ho, University of Michigan Swimming/Diving
  127. Annemily Hoganson, Carleton College Swimming & Diving
  128. Kelsey Hojan-Clark, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  129. Katharine Holmes, Hartwick College Swimming & Diving
  130. Katelyn Holmquist, University of Minnesota Swimming
  131. Nathan Holty, Ohio State University Swim & Dive
  132. Madison Horton, University of Michigan Swimming & Diving
  133. Logan Houck, Team USA, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  134. Janet Hu, Stanford University Swimming & Diving
  135. Charlotte Hylinski, Yale University Swimming & Diving
  136. Hailey Jacobson, Brown University Swimming and Diving
  137. Laurel Jin, Yale University Swimming & Diving
  138. Ellen Johnson, American University Swimming & Diving
  139. Olivia Johnson, Macalester College Swimming & Diving
  140. Jacob Johnson, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  141. Ryan Jolley, American University Swimming & Diving
  142. Wilson Josephson, Carleton College Swimming & Diving, Macalester College Swimming & Diving
  143. Carter Kale, College of William & Mary Swimming
  144. Hannah Kannan, University of Pennsylvania Swimming & Diving
  145. Arik Katz, Team USA, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  146. Artie Kerchmar, Loras College Swimming & Diving
  147. Erin Kiley, Ithaca College Swimming & Diving
  148. Edward Kim, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  149. Soodong Kim, Cornell Swimming and Diving
  150. Lily Koenig, American University Swimming and Diving 
  151. Delayni Kornak-Kotarba, Wayne State University Swimming & Diving
  152. Zack Kundel, Smith College Swimming & Diving
  153. Lindsey L’Roy, University of Tennessee Swimming and Diving
  154. Karin Langer, Carleton College Swimming & Diving
  155. Anna Lee, UC Davis Swimming & Diving
  156. Anisa Lester, Carleton College Swimming & Diving
  157. Jing Leung, Harvard Swimming & Diving
  158. Sian Lewandowki, Macalester Swimming
  159. Janelle Lief, Western New England University Swimming
  160. Danielle Liu, Yale University Swimming & Diving
  161. Zella Lobo, Macalester College Swimming & Diving
  162. Sydney Lofquist, USC, University of Wisconsin Swimming and Diving 
  163. Mackenzie Logan, University of Nevada Las Vegas Swim & Dive
  164. Connor Lohman, Brown University Swimming and Diving
  165. Kennedy Lohman, University of Texas Swimming & Diving
  166. Valentina Lohr, Cornell University Swimming & Diving
  167. Sarah Magid, Carleton College Swimming
  168. Alisha Mah, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  169. John Manchester, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  170. Paul Maneri, University of Pennsylvania Swimming & Diving
  171. Becca Mann, Team USA, University of Southern California
  172. Maddie Mara, American University Swimming & Diving
  173. Mackenzie Marrs, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Swimming & Diving
  174. Summer Martin, Dartmouth College Swimming & Diving
  175. Journey Martinson, Cal Poly Swimming & Diving
  176. Zoe Mattingly, University of Michigan Swimming/Diving
  177. Christine McCulla, United States Coast Guard Academy Swimming
  178. Elizabeth McCulla, University of Delaware Swimming & Diving
  179. Emma McGill, Seattle University Swimming 
  180. Abby McIlraith, Smith College Swimming & Diving
  181. Katie McKay, University of North Carolina Swimming & Diving
  182. William McNelis, Brown University Swimming & Diving
  183. Kelly Meierotto, University of Alaska Swimming
  184. Emily Meilus, Virginia Tech Swimming & Diving
  185. Mia Meister, University of New England Swimming
  186. Johanna Mellis, College of Charleston Swimming & Diving
  187. Briana Meyer, UCLA Swim & Dive
  188. Alex Meyers, Stanford University Swimming & Diving
  189. Cori Michibata, Johns Hopkins University Swimming
  190. Jake Mier, Vassar College Swimming & Diving
  191. Annika Miller, Knox College Swimming & Diving
  192. Emily Mitchell, Wheaton College Swimming & Diving, EDGE Swim Club
  193. Katie Money, Auburn Swimming 
  194. Luke Morgan-Scott, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  195. Quinn Murphy, Yale University Swimming & Diving
  196. Andie Myers, University of Pennsylvania Swimming & Diving
  197. Zoe Myers-Bochner, Swarthmore Swimming
  198. Jacob Nason, Washington University in St. Louis Swimming & Diving
  199. Jenny Natelson, Colorado College Swimming & Diving
  200. Elisabeth Nesmith, Smith College Swimming & Diving
  201. Matthew Newton, Connecticut College Swimming & Diving
  202. Carmen San Nicolas, University of Miami Swimming & Diving
  203. William Nicholson, Macalester College Swimming
  204. Melina Nilson, Macalester College Swimming & Diving
  205. Mackenzie Niness, Villanova University Swimming & Diving
  206. Nicholas Nocita, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  207. Lucie Nordmann, Stanford University Swimming & Diving 
  208. Annie Norris, Lehigh University Swimming & Diving, Athletes’ Executive Committee (AEC) of USA Swimming
  209. Francesca Noviello, Princeton Swimming & Diving
  210. Kaela Nurmi, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Swimming & Diving
  211. Joelle Ohr, Cornell Swimming & Diving
  212. Charlotte O’Leary, Yale University Swimming & Diving
  213. Claire O’Mara, Yale University Swimming & Diving
  214. Ryan O’Neill, Pennsylvania State University Swimming & Diving
  215. Courtney Otto, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  216. Addie Paige, Colby College Swimming & Diving
  217. Ava Palfreyman, Ithaca College Swimming & Diving
  218. Julia Papp, Cornell Swimming & Diving
  219. Jaehee Park, American University Swimming & Diving
  220. Russell Payne, University of Minnesota Swimming
  221. Jacob Pebley, Team USA
  222. Ray Pedersen, Bates College Swimming & Diving
  223. David J. Pfeifer, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  224. Lauren Pich, Cornell Swimming & Diving
  225. Kaitlyn Pierce, Knox College Swimming & Diving
  226. Sofie Pietrantonio, Williams College Swimming & Diving
  227. Sophie Piette, University of New England Swimming
  228. Lauren Pitzer, Stanford University Swimming & Diving
  229. Reid Pope, Brown University Swimming & Diving
  230. Katie Priest, Williams College Swimming & Diving
  231. Cathleen Pruden, Mount Holyoke College Swimming & Diving
  232. Mary Pruden, Columbia University Swimming & Diving
  233. Jay Pulitano, Sarah Lawrence College Swimming, Team New York Aquatics
  234. Anna Rakowski, Macalester College Swimming & Diving
  235. Sofia Rauzi, University of Texas Swimming & Diving
  236. Lyndsey Reeve, Pennsylvania State University Swimming & Diving
  237. Ginger Ren, Yale University Swimming & Diving
  238. Noah Richter, University of Kentucky Swimming & Diving
  239. Olivia Rieur, Middlebury Swimming & Diving
  240. Amy Roach, Carleton College Swim & Dive Team
  241. Kate Rogers, Yale University Swimming & Diving
  242. Lauren Rohde, Swarthmore College Swimming
  243. Eric Ronda, Harvard Swimming 
  244. Charlotte Rosenberg, Brown University Swimming & Diving
  245. Olivia Rubino, Ithaca College Swimming & Diving
  246. Javier Ruisanchez, Puerto Rico National Team 
  247. Sadie Runeman, University of Texas Swimming & Diving
  248. Saya Ryan, Washington University in St. Louis Swimming & Diving
  249. G Ryan, Team USA, University of Michigan Swimming/Diving
  250. Helaina Sacco, Colby-Sawyer College Swimming & Diving
  251. Emily Sanders, Rice University Swimming
  252. Anna Santamans, French Federation 
  253. Mariele Saunders-Shultz, Bucknell University Swimming & Diving
  254. Nicholas Schlader, Loras College Swimming & Diving
  255. Jon Schlafer, Brown University Swimming & Diving
  256. Marly Schrom, Carleton College Swimming & Diving
  257. Courtney Schultze, St. Olaf College Swimming & Diving
  258. Allison Schumacher, University of Minnesota Swimming & Diving
  259. Lauren Schutz, Macalester College Swimming & Diving
  260. Brayden Seal, Ohio State Swimming
  261. Deborah Seiler, UC Davis Swimming & Diving
  262. Stephanie Shao, Yale University Swimming & Diving
  263. Kelly Sherman, Yale University Swimming & Diving
  264. Cailley Silbert, Yale University Swimming & Diving
  265. Jordan Silbert, Cornell University Swimming & Diving
  266. Sydney Silver, University of Texas Swimming
  267. Gabrielle Sims, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  268. Maddy Sims, Northwestern Swimming
  269. Ishani Singh, Yale University Swimming & Diving
  270. Kendra Sirianni, Loras College Swimming & Diving
  271. Breanne Siwicki, University of Minnesota Swimming
  272. Delaney Smith, Williams College Swimming & Diving
  273. Sean Smith, Rutgers University Swimming & Diving
  274. Milana Socha, Carleton College Swimming & Diving, Northwestern University Swimming & Diving
  275. Amy Socha, Tufts University Swim & Dive
  276. Amy Song, Harvard Swimming & Diving
  277. Gavin Springer, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  278. Amanda Stadermann, Washington University in St. Louis Swimming & Diving
  279. Neal Stepp, Texas Christian University Swimming & Diving
  280. Leah Stevens, Stanford University Swimming & Diving
  281. Sylvie Stoloff, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  282. Laura Strachan, Swarthmore College Swimming
  283. Alyssa Stringer, Knox College Swimming & Diving
  284. Jessica Student, Slippery Rock University Swimming
  285. Erica Sullivan, Team USA, University of Texas Swimming & Diving
  286. Scarlett Sun, Georgetown University Swimming & Diving
  287. David Swensen, University of Massachusetts Swimming & Diving
  288. Astrid Swensen, University of Michigan Swimming/Diving
  289. Sarah Swinnerton, Ithaca College Swimming & Diving
  290. Steve Tan, Harvard Swimming and Diving
  291. Hayden Tavoda, UC Berkeley Swimming & Diving
  292. Lindsay Temple, Princeton University Swimming & Diving
  293. McKenna Tennant, Yale University Swimming & Diving
  294. Zach Thomas, Columbia University Swimming & Diving
  295. Mikaela Thompson, Harvard Swimming and Diving
  296. Ella Tierney, University of Texas Swimming & Diving
  297. Grace Tierney, University of Wisconsin-Madison Swimming & Diving
  298. Katie Trace, The Ohio State University Swimming and Diving
  299. Jack Tribble, University of Minnesota Swimming and Diving
  300. Sophia Tsai, Cornell Swimming & Diving
  301. Mackenzie Tucker, Swarthmore College Swimming
  302. Susannah Tuder, USA Swimming
  303. Laura Turpen, Tulane University Swimming & Diving
  304. Caitlin Tycz, Yale University Swimming & Diving
  305. Arlyn Upshaw, Terrapins Swim Team, UCLA Swimming & Diving
  306. Margaret Vaitkus, Northern Michigan University Swimming & Diving
  307. Graham Walker, Kenya Swimming Federation, University of Denver Swimming & Diving
  308. Eliana Wallock, Ithaca College Swimming & Diving
  309. Matthew Warren, Cornell Swimming & Diving
  310. Mimi Watts, American University Swimming & Diving
  311. Katherine Wehrman, Smith College Swimming & Diving
  312. Sarah Welch, Brown Swimming
  313. Dani Wheeler, Nebraska Wesleyan Swimming
  314. Jordan Wheeler, University of Texas Swimming & Diving
  315. Eric Whisenant, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  316. Morgan Whyte, Carleton College Swimming  
  317. Aidan Williams, Macalester College Swimming & Diving
  318. Demetra Williams, Cornell Swimming & Diving
  319. Kim Williams, Stanford University Swimming & Diving
  320. Sarah Wilson, Bowdoin College Swimming & Diving
  321. Julia Wilson, Kenyon College Swim & Dive
  322. Julie Witczak, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Swimming & Diving
  323. Annie Wixted, Swarthmore College Swimming
  324. Sebastian Wolff, Cornell Swimming & Diving
  325. Emily Woo, Smith College Swimming & Diving
  326. Verity Wray-Raabolle, Macalester College Swimming & Diving
  327. Cheryl Xiang, Yale University Swimming & Diving
  328. Gensi Xu, Knox College Swimming & Diving
  329. Maxim Yakubovich, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  330. Christian Yeager, Harvard University Swimming & Diving
  331. Samantha Yeo, USA Swimming, Team Singapore, University of Michigan Swimming/Diving
  332. Colten Young, Princeton University Swimming & Diving
  333. Valerie Yoshimura, Harvard Swimming and Diving
  334. Emily Zhang, George Washington University Swimming
  335. Amy Zhao, Yale University Swimming & Diving
  336. Grace Zhao, Stanford University Swimming & Diving
  337. Maddy Zimmerman, Yale University Swimming & Diving