Athletic Equality Index

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Please visit for the 2020 Athletic Equality Index, a ranking of LGBTQ+ inclusion policies and practices in all NCAA Division 1 athletic departments. The data on this page pertains to the 2019 AEI. 


The Athletic Equality Index was developed as a way to measure LGBTQ inclusion policies and practices in collegiate athletic spaces. Launched in 2017 and updated in 2019, this first-of-its-kind report provided a comprehensive look at how member programs of the NCAA Power Five conferences are supporting their LGBTQ student-athletes, coaches, administrators, staff, and fans. To do this, a scale was developed that scored the implementation and accessibility of nine critical LGBTQ-inclusive policies and best practices. To view the full 2019 report and explore its findings and recommendations, click here. Continue on this page for a high-level view of the 2019 data.

In 2020, we expanded this research to look at all Division 1 institutions. To view the full data and explore findings, click here.

Researchers performed a comprehensive audit of handbooks, policy manuals, and campus materials to identify the outlined policies and practices. Scores were sent to individual school leadership prior to the public launch of the AEI, allowing schools the opportunity to review their assigned score and implement or make accessible any policies or efforts to maximize their scores. Scores will be periodically updated as schools make changes to their policies and practices, and/or continue to increase the accessibility of their efforts.


If you are either affiliated with a currently scored program and want to submit updates that have been made, or if you’re affiliated with a program that hasn’t yet been scored in the Athletic Equality Index, you can fill out a self-report form and upload relevant documentation at this link.



We hope that the Athletic Equality Index will act as a resource and catalyst needed for institutions to continue their pursuit of proactive LGBTQ-inclusive policies and practices. We believe that everyone should have equal access, opportunity and experience in sport, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression — and are committed to producing resources that aid and support institutions to support that right.



There are many resources and organizations that are equipped to provide guidance on many policies and practices measured in the Athletic Equality Index, aside from our team at Athlete Ally. To move your program forward as it pertains to LGBTQ inclusion, you can explore and connect with the resources and organizations below:


The NCAA Office of Diversity and Inclusion

LGBT SportSafe

You Can Play Project


Women’s Sport Foundation

NCLR Sports Project

Campus Pride

Rankin & Associates Consulting