Take The Athlete Ally Pledge

Become an Ally for your athletic community, sign the pledge.

I pledge to lead my athletic community to respect and welcome all persons, regardless of their perceived or actual sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Beginning right now, I will do my part to promote the best of athletics by making all players feel respected on and off the field.

From Hudson Taylor, Founder of Athlete Ally:

“My philosophy is simple. I believe that athletes are worthy of the greatest respect, not because they win games or matches, but because they are in positions to stand up for the dignity of all and represent something bigger than themselves.

As a NCAA Division I coach, I want to emphasize what it means to be a leader in sports and ensure that all athletes, coaches and fans – no matter how they identify or who they are attracted to – feel respected and welcomed.

I started the Athlete Ally pledge to help the sports community lead a better tomorrow by taking small steps based on simple ideas – like respect, diversity and leadership. The Athlete Ally pledge is a commitment to that vision so we all can help make sports everything we know it can be.

Please join me and thousands of athletes, coaches and fans who have already taken the pledge. Together, we can make sports a safe and inclusive place for all.”