Membership Levels & Benefits

Champion’s Circle members are the foundation of Athlete Ally’s strength, and there are a variety of membership options. Choose the level that best meets your needs and abilities. Every new and renewing member makes Athlete Ally and its programs stronger and more effective. Thank you for your support!

Member: $10/month* or $120 annually

  • Athlete Ally sticker
  • Subscription to Athlete Ally monthly newsletter and donor spotlight



Fan: $20/month* or $240 annually

  • All of the benefits above, plus
  • Athlete Ally t-shirt



Junior Varsity (“JV”): $30/month* or $360 annually

Junior Varsity is a special membership group for donors in their 20s and 30s who support Athlete Ally’s mission. Membership provides critical support to Athlete Ally’s work and lays the foundation for the next generation of leaders of the organization.

Benefits include:

  • Athlete Ally t-shirt
  • Subscription to monthly newsletter
  • First access to Young Patron’s Tickets to Athlete Ally Action Awards.



*Clutch Player: A recurring donor or anyone who makes a monthly gift of $10 or more. Clutch Players are separately recognized on our website and Annual Report.

Monthly giving allows you to spread your support over smaller monthly gifts while allowing us to have a dependable base of support that saves time, banking fees and paper.


Major Donor Program

Varsity: $125/month* or $1,500 annually

A $1,500 gift allows Athlete Ally to: send Athlete Ally trainers to your alma mater; create customized materials for educational targets; or build and implement a post-survey after working with an athletic department to make their sports community more LGBT inclusive; or provide an Athlete Ally chapter with a customized activation kit, as examples.

  • All of the benefits above, plus
  • Special Varsity-level lapel pin and two (2) Athlete Ally t-shirts
  • Tickets to every Athlete Ally event, including two (2) complimentary tickets to Action Awards (approximately $220 non-deductible value)
  • Listing in Annual Report and on website
  • Subscription to “The Varsity,” a short, monthly video update from Athlete Ally’s Founder & Executive Director Hudson Taylor on the state of LGBT equality in sports



All-Star: $416.67/month* or $5,000 annually

A $5,000 gift allows Athlete Ally to: create replicable Athlete Ally training curriculum; or build and implement an Athlete Ally Climate survey; or provide a digital campaign to drive visibility and awareness, as examples.

  • All of the above plus
  • Special All-Star-level lapel pin
  • Invitation to annual major donor appreciation dinner and policy briefing featuring Founder & Executive Director Hudson Taylor



All-American: $833.33/month* or $10,000 annually

A $10,000 gift allows Athlete Ally to: conduct Athlete Ally “train the trainer” workshop for LGBT and ally educators on campuses; or create clear action steps for athletic departments to make their sports community more LGBT inclusive, as examples.

  • All of the benefits above, plus
  • Special All-American-level lapel pin
  • Table for six (6) at the Athlete Ally Action Awards (approximately $660 non-deductible value)
  • Opportunity to underwrite one annual Allyship and Leadership training at the campus or corporation of your choice
  • Private dinner or policy briefing with Founder & Executive Director Hudson Taylor



MVP: $2,083/month* or $25,000

A $25,000 gift allows Athlete Ally to invest in training more trainers to educate coaches, athletes and administrators across the country; it will also allow us to plan and conduct pre and post surveys in conjunction with each training; and invest in starting Athlete Ally chapters in those places that need it the most to create safe sports spaces for LGBT athletes across the country.

  • All of the benefits above, plus
  • Special MVP-level lapel pin
  • Additional programmatic benefits available for marketing or diversity goals (if corporate)
  • Signed memorabilia from pro-ambassador or athlete



Champion: $50,000+

A $50,000+ gift to Athlete Ally allows us to do the work mentioned above, plus produce more written resources to help foster more nuanced conversations and policy changes; build and publish a ranking system for LGBT policies of every school within the Power 5 conferences; research and publish the LGBT policies of sports venues around the country to ensure equal protection and inclusion for every fan; and help launch strategic campaigns to help change the policies of sports institutions that lack LGBT policy protections.

  • All of the benefits above, plus
  • Special Champion-level lapel pin
  • Special benefits as designed with Athlete Ally



To make a donation to Athlete Ally and join the Champion’s Circle, please visit: or contact