Michael Sam is on the verge of making history by becoming the NFL’s first openly gay player.

He was tabbed the top defensive player in the most prestigious Division I football conference in the country just last year. Michael’s talent is what matters, not his sexual orientation. He needs the support of players, coaches and fans to show the athletic community that football is ready to break down another closet door.

Help Michael set the stage for the NFL’s first gay athlete.

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Michael Sam is on the brink of making history. With the NFL Draft  upon us, Michael will likely become the first ever openly gay professional football player. The NFL community needs to know that a gay player should be judged on talent, not sexual orientation.

There has been a strong show of support for Michael by the NFL, his Missouri teammates, coaches and fans, but there has also been speculation that some teams will shy away from him in the draft. By supporting Michael now, we can show everyone that sport does not discriminate.

The outpouring of allyship from the football world has been tremendous since Michael’s trailblazing announcement. Athlete Ally Board Member and Super Bowl Champion Brendon Ayanbadejo, and Ambassadors Donte Stallworth, Scott Fujita and Chris Kluwe have all voiced support, along with many many other incredible athletes across the world.

Showing our support for Michael will display to the sports community that his leadership and ability are what's important. Our unified voice means there’s no limit to what Michael will achieve next.

Together, we #StandWithSam.

This campaign is run with the support of the National Black Justice Coalition.